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All this evolution in the world of Internet and social relations have not left indifferent to the merchants and, although they go slower they have no choice but to adapt to these changes. As we have seen in the previous sections buy aged gmail accounts of e-commerce, consumer buying behavior has changed and users have become social buy, in through different social networks, access products and or services To buy directly. Many small business owners are beginning to integrate content marketing into their sales strategy through Social Media. Creating posts in your blogs, presentations, or even online seminars is presented as a great opportunity to present the virtues and advantages of certain products or services. Corporate videos, Spots, images of products services environments, offers and relevant content of the sector are shared.

Physical companies and more e-commerce use the networks as customer services, to interact with them in a faster and educated way Social marketing in the company is already present in many companies buy aged gmail accounts that have known how to adapt and Have grasped the importance they are acquiring. Nowadays companies that have their business in the network use many tools to attract customers and that the webs are known, especially in Social Networks, and invest in Online Marketing to fulfill those objectives. It's no good offering the best products, the best quality or the best price if our potential customers do not know us. Therefore, they propose a social strategy to carry out the theme of knowledge and gmail pva brand awareness, in this way and generating content in the different social networks, each with a different objective, manage to reach more public and that it is interested in having More information about the products and or services offered. According to the AMA: American Marketing Association, Liberal et al. Social networks will mean the big driver of e-commerce including buying decisions than any other channel in earlier times.

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Those social networks that include product information, not only offers cheap prices or discounts, but also content associated with those products and user feedback, will have higher sales commission ratios. There are companies that start uploading content to social networking websites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or with the goal of getting more traffic, brand recognition or influence the consumer. The blogs that I am going to consider as that fourth type of social network, are digital journals written chronologically, widely used by this type of business, as it represents a dispersed information medium and combines the power to tell interesting stories showing the essence of The products that are offered and can get feedback from the users who follow it. They can be designed by tabs that are of interest to the public and make of double benefit, for both the user and the buy aged gmail accounts company, in this way works as a web page of relevant information of the company and its products. This post are shared on social networks for greater impact as on Facebook or Twitter.

The use of Facebook by these companies has a specific purpose, be present on the network and close to potential users, update it several times a week so that users see that they are active and remember, share blog posts view more with content Interesting, product images in order to influence for the purchase and finally end up in the web e-commerce so that they buy products with the certainty that someone of confidence is behind all of it. Twitter is used by e-commerce with little phrases and almost always displaying images and link redirecting to the web, with different hashtag to be seen in countable places. In LinkedIn there is an audience with a very specific profile that can be accessed from a relationship of trust that can be very interesting according to what marketing actions, always from respect, in a polite way and providing value.